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Street Forensics

I'm a 'bone'-a-fide Forensic Anthropologist Adult Unisex Graphic Tee

I'm a 'bone'-a-fide Forensic Anthropologist Adult Unisex Graphic Tee

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Step into the captivating world of forensic anthropology with our unisex soft t-shirt! Human remains hold the secrets of a person's past, and our cool investigators, the forensic anthropologists, are here to unveil their tales. Beyond solving mysteries, they bring their bone-savvy skills to death investigations and uncovering stories in the aftermath of natural disasters. With their expert eye, they decode the hidden clues within bones to crack the case of what caused someone's final exit. Embrace the intrigue and dive into the fascinating depths of human history. Get your hands on our comfy t-shirt and join the forensic anthropology adventure today!


  • Color: Multiple
  • Type: Unisex
  • Material: Soft Jersey T-shirt-100% soft cotton
  • Machine wash cold (inside out), do not iron print, dry on low heat.

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